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Monday, November 18, 2013

You Shall Not Tattoo - For Real?

7:17 AM

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On the website where this picture was originally posted, it was labeled as "Honor thy Father and Mother":

In reality, it says no such thing. This Hebrew tattoo in fact says: "You shall not tattoo", and it's written in Rashi Script of all things - an old Hebrew script used to write comments in religious texts.

Mind, the tattoo was not posted online by the owner, but by someone who just took a picture. It might well have been a novelty tattoo done on purpose, then regretted - leaving the owner lying about what it really says.

If it is genuine, though, and the owner is clueless, then someone really pulled one over on him.

This is why you should be vary of the advice that's often given online - to go consult with the nearest Rabbi about your Hebrew tattoo. I can totally see a pissed off Rabbi giving out this translation.

Right. Now if you actually wanted "Honor thy Father and Mother", it translates to Hebrew like this:


  1. Hey great blog man. It's definitely got me trying to make sure I have the right translations. That being said I was really hoping you could help me or point me in the right direction.

    I've been trying to find a translation for the word "Respect" (Respect for myself, Respect for others, the idea of Respect). I know there may not be an exact translation but I can't seem to figure out which word would be appropriate. I was hoping you could help me out abit.

    1. The word you're looking for is כבוד

      It also means honor, so it's an all around great word to tattoo.