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Monday, November 18, 2013

Yes God!

7:20 AM

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Look at this superb piece of art. A truly spiritual scribble, "Son of God". Or it would have been, had the author known their Hebrew letters.

As it goes, a tiny bit or the first letter was omitted, turning the BET into a KAF and consequently the word "Son" into "Yes". "Yes God", a true devotee.

Very sad, but not the end of story. The word God is also messed up. The vowel formation under the ALEF (4 dots, like a gaming cube) does not exist in the Hebrew language. The author of this tattoo apparently invented a new Hebrew vowel, how is that for true divine inspiration?
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  1. Easy fix, though. Extend the כ base to get ב, then ad another "dot" under the א to get hataf seggol.