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Monday, November 18, 2013

Good Thing He's All About Forgiveness

7:18 AM

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One of the most common motifs in Hebrew tattoos that can be seen on Christians, is forgiveness. Do they somehow feel guilty? I don't really understand it myself, but there you have it:

Or maybe not.

Today's victim wanted a Hebrew "Forgiven" tattoo, inside a fish. However, he was maliciously duped. Really, I just can't see any other explanation to this. Those are just random letters, and the word begins with a sofit. Fail? Totally.

The real question here, is whether this guy will be capable to forgive whomever mangled his tattoo translation for him...

Now, boys, this is how you properly write "[was] Forgiven" in Hebrew. There are two words you could use, Nislach or Nimchal. Mind, this is the male version.

And this is the female version of "[was] Forgiven", Nislecha or Nimchela:


  1. just note, the Tatoo says "Fish", ending with a fullstop (or rather, when you type in a hebrew keyboard, the english fullstop is actually ץ (so the intention was probably to write דג.only it got messed up somewhere along the road.