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Monday, November 18, 2013

What Would Jesus Think?

6:45 AM

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Wanting to showcase your devotion to Jesus? Nothing works better than a pictorial with a caption written in the holy language...

Unless it's written backwards, that is.

This guy wanted a fancy "Christ my Lord and Savior" to complement his elaborate artwork. What he actually got was a rather more modest "Jesus the Messiah". What's worse - the message is spelled backwards.

Admittedly, "Jesus the Messiah" sound much better in Hebrew than the other option, and it's correctly written like this:

You don't have to get is tattooed, either. How about a nice piece of jewelry instead? Not permanent - that's a big advantage!

Pewter Hebrew "Jesus the Messiah" Pendant by Bob Siemon, 20

On the other hand if you're truly set on using "Jesus my Lord and Savior" (though not Christ, it absolutely doesn't work!), then you'll need the following translation:


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