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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Sinner's Tattoo

7:20 AM

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This guy probably wanted to make a tribute to his lifestyle by choosing to tattoo"Keep Living in Sin" in Hebrew on his chest...

Unusual? Yes. Successful? Not so much.

In reality, this is a combination of Hebrew letters that has no meaning whatsoever. It's just gibberish.

How can this atrocity be explained? Well, it looks like one of the worst attempts ever to write the ever popular "Forgiven". If the victim was going for the traditional Salach, but wrote it backwards, got the last letter wrong, doubled it and added a Sofit for good measure, that is.

Only God (and maybe a greedy translator with no scruples) can tell what this mangled Hebrew word has anything to do with "Keep Living in Sin". It could even be God's special way to inform our victim that he doesn't approve of his lifestyle, but that he can find forgiveness despite everything.


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